Om Swastyastu

AstawaWELCOME TO BALI, My name is Nyoman Astawa but you may call me Astawa. I am a local resident of Bali, a professional tour organizer in Bali and, as you can read, a speaker of the English language.
I provide driving for tours around the beautiful island paradise that is Bali; I am familiar with most places of interest and the major attractions of Bali. As an additional treat to you, I can give you brief explanations of the various features you can experience on our wonderful Island.
As your Tour guide, I will guide you through the Bali Cultural Experience so that you know where it is best to stay, where is best to buy and what is best to do depending on your particular focus for your trip to Bali.
With me, you will enjoy a more culturally enriching Bali with your safety being the foremost priority. I look forward to seeing in Bali soon!
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